Shortcut To Anti-Aging | Telomeres & How To Stop Aging From Within w/ Dr. Misak

Shortcut To Anti-Aging | Telomeres & How To Stop Aging From Within w/ Dr. Misak

Can you stop or slow your aging? We answer that question in today’s episode with Dr. Darrell Misak! Dr. Misak, ND, RPh is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Licensed Pharmacist, and a father of five healthy children. After receiving his degree in Pharmacy, he gained years of university hospital clinical pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center with a primary focus in Oncology and General Medicine.


As Dr. Misak began to realize the pitfalls of traditional medicine and pharmacy, he started his continued search for truth in health which directed him to naturopathic medicine. He then moved his family across the country to Oregon, where he received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000, while learning compounding pharmacy at Lloyd Center Pharmacy during medical school.


Dr. Misak now runs a private naturopathic practice in Pittsburgh, does regular YouTube shows teaching quantum bio-electric health concepts, has been published multiple times in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR), and does regular radio or talks teaching an analytical natural approach to health. His pharmacy and naturopathic background with understanding quantum bio-electric concepts lead to the creation of Vi-Telometry™.


In this episode we talk about what causes aging, understanding telomeres, the relationship between stress and aging, Dr. Misak’s 5 Phases to clean up your health, the importance of clean, distilled water, and so much more!


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Dr. Ann- Marie Barter is a Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Doctor at Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic. She is the clinic founder of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic that has two offices one in Longmont and Denver. They treat an array of health conditions overlooked or under-treated by conventional medicine, called the “grey zone”. ​​​​

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Thank you so much for joining us here today on the Fearless Health podcast on your host, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter. And today we have a very special episode. We are going to talk all about anti aging. So you are not going to want to miss this episode and really how to stop aging from within. It is very important. So this is going to really play in to your energy, your overall happiness and your stamina.


My special guest is Dr. Darrell Misak, ND, RPh, who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a licensed pharmacist and a father of five. He’s a busy guy after receiving his degree in pharmacy. He gained years of University Hospital clinical pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center with a primary focus in oncology and general medicine. He now runs a private naturopathic practice in Pittsburgh because regular YouTube shows teaching quantum bio electric health concepts has been published and multiple times in a naturopathic doctor news and review and does regular radio talks teaching analytical nature approach to health, his pharmacy and naturopathic background with an understanding of quantum bio electric concepts that lead to the creation of the telemetry. Thank you so much for being here. I’m super excited to have you.


Yeah, it’s good to be here. I’m looking forward to it.


All right. So what do we really need to know about this concept of anti aging and how it has to stop this from within?


Well, you can’t exactly stop it, but you can certainly slow it down and actually suggestively reverse it a little bit. And so you go back to the fascination is in the research of telomeres.


And then two thousand nine, the Nobel Prize in medicine was won by three physiologist who discovered an enzyme called telomerase. Enzymes always ended that AFSC, you know, and and what it is, is as telomeres are at the end of our DNA, and if they shorten, then bottom line, you age and telomeres are what control our cells from turning over and making new healthy cells. And as they shorten boom, eventually it causes that aging process. And what these what these physiologists did is they took mice that were age to be in their 90s, white hair, cataracts, kidney failure, arthritis, brain couldn’t get through mazes. And then they stimulated this enzyme and literally their hair got dark. Their brains grew twenty five percent. Their cataracts disappeared. Their kidney failure went away. There they they were able to go through might go through their little challenges back to that of a healthy 30 year old mice.


You know, we could do an age comparisons totally reverse engineered it. And and I’m like that is considered in my opinion, the greatest anti aging discovery ever. You know, here’s how you age. This is the mechanism that controls it. This is what you do to turn it off.


Wow, that’s incredible. So what you’re saying is with this, you can as a human, you can reverse the grain of the hair or potentially arthritis.


Maybe anything’s possible.


By all means, yes. I mean, so we’ve had people who have said, hey, their hair turns dark again and and simple things, sex life coming back for people in their 70s. And, you know, I just tell people to look at reviews that because we can’t make claims, of course. Right.


But the main thing is, is I mean, telomeres shortened because of stress, period.


OK, so do you have childhood trauma? If you say no, you’re lying because we all have something that screws with our head that sets up the foundation for not necessarily healthy patterns in our life. And you can even have childhood trauma that leads to repetitive, unhealthy, anxiety prone, negative, energy based reactions for the rest of your life that actually shortened your telomeres, you know. So one of Elizabeth Blackburn, one of the three physiologist, wrote a book, and I think it’s called the Telomere Effect or something. She reports research in there that showing that meditation increases your telomeres. You know, that breathing and getting focused and actually doing counseling and dealing with those issues increases your telomeres. So it’s not about necessarily taking something, but they did show that a crappy lifestyle, you know, eating processed crap, food, sitting on your butt, you know, not being active definitely causes your telomeres to shorten and causes you to age prematurely. So bottom line, you know, what she teaches is lifestyle makes such a huge factor in it. You know, what’s causing your stress and how are you dealing with that stress when you get down to that aspect? If I could turn around and talk to you how you know, everything is energy and even mind and and these same thought is energy. And those can cause how energy moves through our body, causing stagnation, affecting, you know, points on acupuncture lines. And you get stagnation. Energy can’t get somewhere. And so most times you’ll see certain certain emotional patterns will cause certain aches and pains. You know, certain people carry their stress. And one point, one of my favorite people, I’m just going on tangents, you’ll see.


But there was a guy his name was Bob Cooley COLB y and he wrote a book called The Genius of Flexibility. And he teaches this concept of Meridien stretching. He teaches that resistance stretching. You stretch these muscle groups and next thing you know, you’re improving flexibility and it affects all levels of health across the board. But when he found that releasing certain muscle groups was causing people to talk about money or love or whatever, there were certain issues emotionally that were connected with these particular muscle groups that people found that were difficult. So it just all ties it together. It’s it’s just beautiful how health you can see this full body picture that connects both Eastern and Western philosophies on how things work.


Yeah, I think that you brought up a lot of a lot of good points. And so I want to go back in a little bit, reiterate. So we’ve got telomeres and we know that stress and childhood trauma are our big factors and shortening this which increase aging. We also know that a really bad lifestyle or poor lifestyle choices will also shorten these. So are there. And then when we’re looking at this other things that potentially shorten telomeres. Is there anything else that will shorten those like E.M.S. or environmental chemicals or what else will also affect them?


Everything you just said causes stress. OK, so I teach and everything is about goes back to Tesla. If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you think in terms of frequency and vibration. And so I teach a bio electric quantum approach of how everything’s energy, but how it comes down to the foods we eat and how you’re eating based upon chemistry. But outside of that, when you’re saying, do these things affect us? Hell, yeah. I mean, you can go back and look up. You know, there was one hundred and forty four thousand scientists that were petitioning our government to say, do not release five on the public, because let’s look at what the science actually shows behind these electromagnetic fields. Pull out your cell phone right now, which I never keep on. May I always keep it off me and go search available networks and you’ll see, oh, my God, there’s 20 of them. So those ions and those electrical frequencies are going through walls and through you as if you were walking through an airport hangar. They’re so small, you’re constantly being bombarded with things that can disrupt or cause disharmony in your frequency, your vibration, your energy, you know. And so, yes, chemicals, you know, if your body is. Can’t deal with him, I teach a concept of excess versus deficiency and it comes down to deficiency because we just don’t get what we need out of our food anymore to fix it. But if you’re chronically exposed or have been exposed to something that your body cannot naturally eliminate, why can’t it eliminate it? Because it can’t handle the process. You’ve exceeded a threshold to handle it. Why? Because you’re deficient in something that you were needed in order to process and eliminate that or you weren’t able to do it fast enough because that load never continually stopped. So by all means, so anything like that, what does it cause? Chronic inflammation, chronic patterns that are stress to the body. And yes, all of those type of things can cause shortening of telomeres.


So not only is stress just what we think about emotionally, but we are also looking at stresses, environmental, environmental, chemicals or stress, more distress, emphasis or stress. And then just the way that we go through life, our busyness is also stress, which I want to come back to, and then also nutritional deficiencies and the inability to detoxify and be able to move these things out. Stress, gut infections or stress, all these things are causing a high level of inflammation. And I want to just break this down for people, because I think when people think of stress, I think when we say the word stress, they think about all the appointments that they have to get to. Or if we talk about stress, it almost always goes to the emotional stress of some sort. And so I want to make sure that they also know that these are chemical stresses and etc.. So so we’re going down to the busyness and we’re constantly we have to be busy. And if you ask somebody how they’re doing these days, I’m fine. I’m so busy, so you know what I mean? And so I I guess I’m sure dominants total stimulation.


Yeah, right.


So what is that really doing to us? Is that because you really talk about how this is affecting us? Is is that emotional trauma? Because I know you you go back to that childhood trauma. Is that a big piece of why we’re in this sympathetic dominance or do you believe it’s something else that’s causing the stress?


Why do you make a decision to ask somebody a specific question other than most of us are inside looking for some emotional response ourselves as a human being, we are always seeking some type of satisfaction or pleasure, like, hey, I want to clue into that, because I think it’ll bring that person Joy to know that I’m connecting with them. You know, we seek that type of thing. And by anything I teach, stress is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, environmental and microbial. But those microbial stressors come from the imbalance of the terrain that’s happening on the inside of the body, which, again, you know, they always come back to that, that it’s an imbalance. You know, the eastern medicine teaches. It’s all about balance, yin yang, movement of energy. They’re not incorrect, you know, but sometimes it doesn’t seem practical when you’re not getting let me stick a needle in myself. But I still not fixing because there’s a deficiency underlying this aspect of being able to handle it. So I say, hey, you have a total we have you have a threshold. If you are exceeding that threshold idea of your above what you can handle, stress wise, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, environmental, microbial, then you’ve got symptoms because my body can no longer take care of this. Right. So your symptoms come up. So what do you need to do? So I teach a concept of five phases. Phase one, clean up your environment, pure food, pure water, pure air, EMF protection.


What are you putting on your bodies? What are you showering in? What are you cooking? What are you eating? Genetically modified foods. What? You know, just look at the quality of what you’re changing your environment because your cells are as healthy as they can be based upon your environment. So everybody listening or watching is as healthy as they possibly can be based upon the environment that they’ve created for their body. And some don’t even have control of it because they’re breathing crap or whatever else in their work environment. Right. Molds or whatever they use to test. What are you reactive to? What are you specifically? What can we identify that are your burdens? What foods are you eating particularly that you shouldn’t be eating? Have you had mold exposure? Do you have heavy metals? Are you working in an old building? It’s loaded with PCBs. You know, let’s identify your specific burdens and then phase three support, not support that take everything known to mankind to handle every disease that I have. But give your body what it functionally needs to handle that load while you’re lowering the load. So now I’ve lowered the load and I’ve raised my threshold because I’ve taken the support that my body needs. So now that I’m focusing below my threshold, I’m basically I’m generating more energy than I’m consuming is what it comes down to. And then your body naturally starts to detoxify. That’s phase four. Detox is a natural process, but if you just keep simulating detox without dealing with the other phases, you might feel better. But if you don’t change your lifestyle, it’s all going to come back because you have this genetic predisposition based upon your exposures in your stress and your epigenetic changes in phase five.


Self awareness. OK, so when you get below your threshold, you’re detoxing, but you still have some symptoms. Those symptoms are your guide. My body’s trying to tell me something. How do I clue in? Oh, I ate the wrong food. That’s why I’m feeling bloated. I ate the wrong food. That’s why I have a headache, the wrong food. That’s why I’m not drinking enough water. That’s why I’m achy and saw, you know, so.


Those five phases is kind of what I teach you when you’re asking these things, you know, if you’re in this chronic state of, oh my God, I’ve got to get through my day, you know, everybody says, well, let’s feed your adrenal glands and help you to handle it by increasing your cortisol availability. And and let’s feed you adrenal glandular Jerash with Gondor holy or or or rodeo you left. There’s a wonderful herbs, you know, but you’re just supporting something without fixing what’s going on underneath. And the other gland that compensates is that thyroid you. I need a higher level of activity, so I need to keep producing something that’s going to keep the wheels turning and that thyroid gets overstressed.


So what happens in this lifestyle is chronic adrenal burnout. You know, and what people don’t know that I teach from a chemistry standpoint is that salt, particularly sea salt that everyone thinks is good, but that sodium, that salt stimulates cortisol release. So you’re chronically burning out your as your adrenal glands by consuming too much salt regularly. And so people are like, oh, my God, don’t take away my sea salt. But in reality, that’s what that’s giving me minerals. But in reality, that high conductivity that’s caused by the salt causes nerve irritation, nerve breakdown, smooth muscle breakdown, numbness, tingling sensations usually worse at night, anxiety worse at night. And it’s just like people are like, I just need downtime, you know, and they realize it. But they’re not creating a lifestyle for themselves through meditation, prayer time to reflect re re re fortifying their body by supporting it with the right food, the right water detoxification, getting an infrared sauna, you know, and sweat some of this junk out of you. And I mean, there’s a lot of things I just opened up a can of worms that you got about a thousand questions at this point, I’m sure you know I do.


So I want to go back through and just reiterate a couple of things that I think are really important that you touched on. Number one, you talked about clean water. And I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had in practice where folks have said, well, you know, the city filters my water and they say it’s clean. That’s number one. And or I of course, I drink filtered water. I drink it right out of my refrigerator and through that filter. So can you just comment on that case, for starters, on the clean water piece to just dispel that myth a little bit, if you don’t mind?


Again, it’s on on a on a quantum chemistry concept, bio electric. Right. Everything in nature has made a positive or negative charges, OK?


And those positive and negative charges form are elements which formed together to make molecules. So it’s all energy in motion because they become electromagnetic and they’re spinning. So every single compound and everything you see is energy in motion. So if you have water that has all these parts per million, that is safe according to our to our water company in your water, those are frequencies that you’re consuming. Now, the question is, is once it goes into your body, can it be put on your frequency or does it become a non resonating burden that your body says, I got to get rid of this so pure water. I encourage distilled water because distilled water causes a negative ionization effect, which causes the positive charges to be attracted out. Distilled water actually catalyzes it makes insoluble things soluble. They help you to mobilize and eliminate. And I can turn around because this is pure as it gets. It doesn’t carry a frequency. It’s they call it dead water because it doesn’t carry a frequency. But when you put it in your body, your body’s in a frequency, so it adapts to your body frequency. So but anything that’s in water, even mineral water, has all the frequencies of those minerals. Some of them are good, but some of them are a burden because your body doesn’t need them. So I start with, hey, let’s get the purest water, bring that into what I’m eating and drinking, and then let’s make sure because our foods are so depleted that I’m putting the correct minerals in you based upon an analytical perspective of how I teach you to test your own urine and saliva to know what to take.


Also, in the second part of my question that I think that was beautiful, how you touched on it was talking about the adrenal gland and how everybody seems to be going after the adrenal gland repeatedly. Oh, you need to take this or you need to be on. My favorite I think my favorite comment one time was I I’m on I’m on Austria. Gonda Hossam. OK, that’s great. I’m just going to do a few other things here it and see what else could be going on because they came in with symptoms of fatigue, et cetera. Great. Well how long have you been on Austria? Gonda a year. I’m waiting for it to start working. So, you know, and in ultimately, I think that you made a great point that stimulating the adrenal gland isn’t the problem. If there’s inflammation other places in your body, the adrenal gland, the thyroid gland are reacting to that stimulation. And so I think that that was beautifully said. How you then went about saying that in the last comment I have is when we’re talking about how you’re going through your protocol, do you think it’s really important for people to be in more of a parasympathetic state when they’re going through the protocol, just to calm down a little bit so they can get some of these things out of their system so they’re not hyped up and have a lot of places to be and over kind of overwhelmed maybe?


Well, some people are so burned out that their body stays in a parasympathetic state in an attempt to repair and they can’t recoup the amount. They don’t. They don’t they can’t generate the amount of energy that they need because they’re still in this consuming more energy than they’re getting kind of pattern. And so you’re supposed to go into a parasympathetic state every single night. You go to sleep, your body shuts down, goes into parasympathetic internal clean up happens. But how many people are waking up between 12 and four times the liver because they’re starting to process things like, oh, my God, why am I so awake? It is because their body finally has the time to metabolize something that’s stimulating and they’re realizing that they’re insomniacs and now they’re taking something to make themselves sleep, you know? And so some of those people are just eating way too much at night. They’re generating so much energy from what they’re eating. And the body says, what do I do with all this energy? You’re just sitting around gaming and watching TV and now you’re going to bed and you just fed me all this food. What you want me to do with this? Convert it to fat in storage, you know, and what Oregon has to do that the liver, you know, so that liver it’s interesting that Eastern medicine finds at the time of the liver is between midnight and four a.m.. How many people wake up at three a.m. every night? Why am I waking up? You know, it’s supposed to be in that parasympathetic state. Bottom line, find time to meditate. Find time to brig. You have to breathe. I think one of the best people that teach is breathing techniques is Wim off. You wear vice man. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So Wim Hof is basically teaching people how to do breathing to blow off carbon dioxide. Naturally, Al Canalis, the body driving up oxygen levels by blowing off CO2 and putting the body into a a parasympathetic automatic. OK, I’m going to go into but don’t start him off unless you’re sitting down or laying down, because when you first started, you’re going to pass yourself out if you’re trying to stand up and I can breathe like that, you know, without knowing what it’s going to do to you, you know what I mean?


Because you’re going to simulate you’re going to you’re going to activate that that autonomic nervous system and bring it into a balance. And it’s the I’m off jumping into those ice bars and people can hold their breath for five minutes, you know, and stuff like that. It’s amazing the science behind what the man’s doing. But you got to, you know, don’t just dove into that type of stuff, you know, and he even tells you that, you know, but it’s you have to you you have to tone, fi and support the body through the practices of what you do, not through taking something.


I tell people your answer is in a process, not a product, even though the product, vital imagery that we created is amazing for what people are reporting. That’s not your answer. The answer is creating a lifestyle that specific for your needs.


Right? A supplement is great. A supplement is wonderful. It’s a supplement to your lifestyle. It’s in addition to it is hot. I think we have to get away from that model that I have this disease. I take this pill to manage it. We really need to think about how do we manage it with our lifestyle and then what supplements can help. Correct astir. But then how do we continue that lifestyle? So I like that you say that. So that brings me into my next round of questions, which is also what do we do about a shortening telomere? Well, that.


A very you know, how many people do gasp, you know, they gasp or er you know, how many people turn around and they sigh and take a deep breath or they find themselves just yawning like a lot in there. You’re trying to get breath, you’re trying to you need that air, you know. So finding that meditative practice is huge for people, that self-awareness.


You know, I love the holistic psychologist. You know, I don’t know if you’re aware of Nicole. No. Oh, my God. You’ve got to look at holistic psychologist on Instagram or on on YouTube. And and she’s coming out with her book, basically is equipping people how to become self aware and to make changes to realize that your emotions are right or wrong. They’re only interpreted by your own filters, you know what they mean. And so your filters is what creates them to create that inner stress. And then it’s all but most of it’s based upon childhood trauma and how we’ve learned to react to our environment.


And she’s like, no, you define who you are. You need to take control of what your life is going to be. And you need to write out what the future you looks like by practicing that practice and and respecting other people and acknowledging that those people are going through the same crap in their heads, that you are just it’s different for them, you know. Wonderful. Check her out. You love her.


I want to give you a standing ovation on that, because that’s, you know, all the time. I’m like, it’s just through your own filter. So wonderfully said.


So so what do we do? You know, I’d love to say buy my product, you know, and because I formula, you know, as a I was a pharmacist.


I was a naturopathic doctor. I did compounding pharmacy while I was in naturopathic medical school and how to mix and blend things. And when I learned about telomeres and in 2014, I’m like, oh, my God, you know, this is the greatest. How do you how do you stimulate this enzyme? And I started I did Google searches on on Medline and hundreds of abstracts looking at telomerase activity.


And all of a sudden I started seeing all these natural products pop out, you know, and then I look for products, for telomere activity.


And it was really only one of them at the time called to sixty five with that, which has this cycle a straggling all and a strangled side four in it, which are extracts of a straggles, which is of course one of those herbs that I found that had telomerase activity. So I turned around from a pharmacist in a naturopathic standpoint. I’m like, so if I were to formulate a product I would want to look at things that have telomerase activity. Plus I use a chemistry perspective.


And then I started looking at herbs that all had telomerase activity that that if synergistically would work together.


So a strangler’s, thousands of years, adrenal support, immune support. You look at that list, everything’s shown for cardiovascular health, all that type of stuff. And it’s one of the and that cycle is Dragonball and Mastrangelo side for our specific extracts that have been shown to have telomerase activity. Milk thistle. Oh, my God. People don’t need how many people could use this or what’s it for liver support. Right. Liver has to handle everything known to have telomerase activity. So let’s improve the efficiency of what our body deals with.


Purslane, Purslane is that we that we all pull out of our out of our gardens. Right. Because it look, it’s you know, it’s growing over. But people aren’t aware that Purslane has the most the richest source of a mega three fatty acids of any plant known to mankind. So stop throwing it away in your garden to start throwing it into your salad. Right. But when you put essential fats into the picture, they improve the efficiency of how nutrients go in and out of your cells because all of our cells have fat membranes. Right. So the essential fats help with that and help with the brain. Remember those rats, those mice increase their brain size by twenty five percent. So let’s get circulation to the brain. Another herb that supports brain circulation. Ginkgo also has telomerase activity. But what does it do then? Is the blood slightly less and platelet activating factor at the same time known to directly stimulate the aspects of circulation to the brain? Cyno Memorium Sign Maryam Monium was one of the Arabs that I found that had telomerase activity. But side of Maryam again goes back thousands of years in Chinese medicine as a yang tonic. They call it the elixir of life. You know, it’s used basically as a sexual vitality type of verb. It literally looks like like little. You just take a go look outside of Morhaim also. It looks like a growing out of the ground, you know, and but sign memorium gives you that vitality that it’s a yang tonic to stimulate that get up and go.


But it doesn’t make you feel like caffeine. It doesn’t keep you awake at night.


It just kind of supports you in that aspect. Another aspect is antioxidants are shown to help that telomerase. Activity. OK, we’re to have and help with telomeres, but also green tea, specifically camillia.


So I have green tea extract in here because not only the polyphenols and those allergic acid. What are they, three hundred times more antioxidant activity than vitamin C? They’re known to be anti cancer, all the benefits of green tea and everything. But again, it has telomerase activity. Elderberry and resveratrol is in elderberry. What does it do? Support your immune system? You know, so. So look at what we’re talking about. Antioxidants support your immune system, improves circulation to the brain, helps membranes to help your liver detoxify anti aging, support your adrenal glands. All of that stuff is in there. And then I bring that bio electric concept in.


And with calcium, calcium regulates all the minerals of the body. The ability of minerals to move in and out of the cell are governed by calcium. And so eighty four percent of your body composition when you go back to ashes is calcium and phosphate because of your bone is calcium phosphate. So I put a product called Minko Calcium Phosphate in there because calcium regulation is to help to stimulate the electrical potential of this. And then I put lemon juice extract because lemon, when I talk about everything, is either positive or negative charges, positive cations, negative and ions that make up everything in the universe. All foods are cat ionic except lemons.


Lemons are one hundred percent and ionic. So you see all these things out there that say, hey, drink lemon juice and do this with your lemon every day. And it’s so healthy and beneficial. Not only is it antimicrobial, not only is it antioxidant, but lemon as an amniotic dispersant helps when it’s when you’re putting something in the digestive tract to disperse and get more energy out of what you’re doing. So we’ve had people I’m amazed that you got this yesterday.


You didn’t try it and try to get. Yeah, you got to give me a day to try it.


Yesterday, you would have immediately said, all right, all right, I’ll try it. I’ll try it.


When I get home today, I will formulated it so people could take up to 12, but we put one hundred and twenty in a bottle because for a day seems to work for most people, you know. So either take all four of them all at once, you won’t feel wired. It most people it doesn’t upset their stomach. You know, I take four in the morning. Usually I take six in the morning, you know, and and then or you can take like two in the morning, two in the afternoon. For people who were crashing and having those lows in the afternoon. Those are Sugar Crashers. I could go over a whole other aspect of analytics of why that happens to people from adrenal burnout and how you’re burning through your energy reserves. But but, yeah, vital dormitory is turned out to be just a wonderful product. And not only that, you know, I created a product called Canine Telemetry. So what happened was, is I had a 13 year old Laboratoire lab, a yellow lab, and she was arthritic. Cataracts starting to lose bladder control, couldn’t go up and down the stairs. And my wife’s like, we’ve got to put her down. And I had just finished making my product and everything at that time. I’m like, well, let me go and just mix some mix something for. And so what I did as I mixed my herbs in a baggie with some collagen, some hydrolyzed collagen, and we started says she’d eat it. And next thing you know, my dog ended up living another two years of quality life to fifteen years as the purebred lab going up and down the stairs, still playing regained bladder control, wasn’t peeing all over the house anymore, regained the memory because she started walking and going out of our yard, which she never did. So she regained her her senility. It was amazing. So so just a month ago, we came out with canine telemetry for people to give their animals because you can’t lie about what it’s doing in an animal, you know what I mean?


No effect at all.


Exactly. It’s just been a wonderful kind of process that we’ve gone through.


Yeah. It’s something that I have seen also time and time again with oxidative stress. It’s just the effect on the mitochondrial function. You see it repeatedly over and over again that the oxidative stress from all the things that we’ve talked about is very prevalent. And I think, you know, as we talk about green hair or cataracts, I can I can hear some of the 20 year old saying, well, that’s not me, that that’s not me. I’ll tell you. Repeatedly running, testing. You can already see the dysfunctioning happening early on in your twenties. So, I mean, I think it’s all about your lifestyle and how you take care of yourself and eating late at night and drinking a lot or drinking and late at night and not sleeping. You really see that unravel at a pretty early age. So definitely, yeah. Is there is there anything that I didn’t ask that you think it’s important to add?


Not specifically, not about the product or anything like that, I, I encourage people because I teach things that are so that that are not taught.


You know, my book is called Restorative Health by the Numbers. And right now, we’re working to find a publishing agent to put it out that that will help us marketing it because it’s hard to get into the book saying to actually get your book to where people can buy it and see it distribute, turning around and making your own book that you’re like, OK, how do I sell this now? Right. And so but it’s so unique because I’m explaining to people how they can test and know in their own house and so how to understand what your food is doing to you and how the numbers that you get that you can generate by monitoring a few things in your urine and saliva can tell you so much. And so to learn more, I know some people go to Doc Meesa, Doc MiSeq, Mysak Dotcom and it Doc Mysak dot com. There’s a link for vital ometer. Take it to the middle managers a week for Pittsburgh. Link for Pittsburgh Alternative Health. That’s my business. And then there’s also a media link where I’ve done podcasts from people like you, but I’ve written articles and naturopathic doctor news and review of all of that information that’s there, including my YouTube channel, which is Doc Mysak. Anybody can it’s learning how a lifestyle is specific to you and how just monitoring a couple simple things can help you to achieve that. That’s my real message. But the product is just something that came out of it that way. And if people want to say, well, you know, I hear him talking and benefiting and promoting his product, go, I encourage you to buy it through through the vital commentary website.


And if people use Fearless as a discount code, we’ll give them 10 percent off for trying it weather for them or for their dog.


And that way that we know that they’re actually listening to your show. And we thank you for letting me be here. Right. If you go to Vitalogy Dotcom or Doc me so I can end up if you purchased and use Fairless, you get 10 percent.


But if you go on Amazon and you look at vital commentary, read the reviews because because you can’t make claims. We don’t have a lot of we don’t put claims on our website. Right. But on Amazon, you can see what people who have purchased it will say. And that’s where I’m going to tell you. Go read those reviews, because the people who have taken this product so even young and old, it changes their life.


We’ve had a wonderful response from that people’s hair getting dark, people climbing mountains without getting fatigued, people having your sex life returned, people having your sex life stimulated, people having chronic fatigue go away, people having thyroid disorders improve. And we’re not claiming any of that. But, you know, what we’ve done is formulated a product to support your brain, your liver, your antioxidant wellbeing, your adrenal glands. And you just look at what’s in there. And when you combine them together, there’s this thing called synergy. And synergy is where one plus one equals ten.


And that’s what we kind of ended up happening with the product. Awesome.


Well, thank you so much for being here. And if you’re like if you like what we’re doing, please subscribe. Please say hello. Let us know what you want to hear more of. We’d love to hear from you. And thank you. If you’ve given us a five star review, we’ve gotten quite a bit of those recently on iTunes. So we really appreciate it. And we will talk to you next time. Thank you.

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