Gutsy – The Role of Neurotransmitters & Mold – with Dr. Ann Marie Barter

Show Summary:  “Neurotransmitters  are basically neuro chemicals in your body that control every aspect of it –  your digestion, muscles, mood, and are very related to anxiety, depression, sleep, and peristalsis of your gut.  They are involved in every single function of the body.”

Dopamine and Serotonin are neurotransmitters and are very powerful. Being deficient in it can make you feel exhausted, unmotivated and can cause anxiety and depression. Medical professionals see it as something critical because it can contribute to hormone dysregulation.

Another thing that can trigger depression and anxiety is mold as it is often invisible and misdiagnosed.

What’s even trickier about this is people often think that they don’t have mold in their homes. Surprisingly, it can cause an illness in any organ or our thyroid glands and create symptoms like brain fog. That’s why Dr. Ann-Marie Barter believes that every household needs to address this and that more people need to be tested for mold toxicity.

In this episode, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner in private practice in Denver, Colorado tells us more about hormonal issues, its causes and effects and how we can address it initially. Listen as she breaks down every aspect you need to know about what could be causing your stress, anxiety, depression or some other illnesses.

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Exceptional Highlights:

Most people are actually deficient with neurotransmitters across the board. Sugar is a legal drug we are all dependent and addicted to, and the food industry is well aware of this. Be careful with mold exposure – Mold is a great imitator. It mimics many diseases and dysfunctions in the body.

Show Highlights:

How do you usually address Neurotransmitters when people come to you with health issues?

Ann 6:43

I think two things are really important to address before you deal with neurotransmitters. The gut – it’s very important. If you have all this gut dysregulation, then guess what? You have to fix that first.

What are Catecholamines?

Ann 9:09

When we’re looking at dopamine, basically you’re fight or flight, (which are catecholamines), this helps us run from a bear. But you need to be able to transition between being motivated, focused and feeling worthwhile and hopeful to be unable to run from that bear. Because that pathway for dopamine, is the same as your catecholamines pathways that fight or flight. And you have to be able to transition between the two seamlessly.

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