The Quick Gut Health Guide To Probiotics You’ll Need After Taking Antibiotics! – with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter


Today on the Gut Health Reset Podcast, Dr. Ann-Marie is bringing you a special mini-episode to help answer the critical questions surrounding antibiotic and probiotic use. Sometimes, we need antibiotics in order to stay healthy, but antibiotic overuse can cause some serious issues for your gut and overall health. This is one of the many reasons you should consider probiotics as a means to help improve your gut health.


In this episode, she will answer these questions:

– How can you repopulate your gut microbiome after antibiotics?

– Why can antibiotic overuse be such a serious problem?

– The probiotics you need to help your system!

– And more!


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Dr. Ann-Marie Barter is a Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Doctor at Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic. She is the clinic founder of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic that has two offices: one in Longmont and one in Denver. They treat an array of health conditions overlooked or under-treated by conventional medicine, called the “grey zone”.



Dr. Ann-Marie Barter: I think antibiotics should be a last resort, not a first step. But if you’ve tried herbal antimicrobials and tried other things and it has failed and sometimes antibiotics are the best option, they just shouldn’t be your first go to when you’re looking at how to treat whatever it might be that has you going on antibiotics?

Intro: Are you struggling with bloating, gas, constipation and fatigue but don’t know what’s causing these problems? The Gut Health Reset Podcast with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter dives deep into the root causes behind these issues that start in the gut. This podcast will give you the knowledge you need to heal your gut and reset your health.

Dr. Ann-Marie Barter: Thank you so much for joining us here today on the Gut Health Reset Podcast, I’m your host Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, and today we are doing a mini episode on what to do if you have to go on antibiotics. So what probiotics are you going to use to rebuild your gut and when you get that pesky diarrhea associated with antibiotic usage? What what do we do? And so we’re going to talk about specific probiotic species that you can use to help your system today is going to be a little bit of a mini episode. We’re going to shorten it. We got a little bit of feedback that some of the episodes were a little bit long, and it was so much information that it was hard to digest. So we are going to still have the episodes, but we’re going to try to kind of whittle down how much is being explained in just one episode and potentially release a second episode. So you’re going to have a mix of some mini series, some longer interviews just so that we can mix it up a little bit. So getting back to the question what to do if you have to go on antibiotics and this is pretty neat. There’s some stigma around this, especially in the functional or natural community, right? I think most people want to avoid avoid antibiotics, if at all possible, and I think that’s very appropriate. I think that they have their uses and they’re very, very important in their life savings, but they’re not great. When overused, we get resistant infections to antibiotics. And so that’s always a concern. So if you have to go on antibiotics, if you’ve tried herbs or done other things leading up to get rid of an infection and it just won’t go away and the next step is antibiotics, then here are some probiotics that you want to make sure that you have on hand to take care of the diarrhea that tends to be associated when you go on antibiotics. So without further ado, let’s talk about Lactobacillus R&M gnosis. Hey, we’ve all heard of the Lactobacillus family, and when I say this in practice nine times out of 10. People that are on a probiotic when they come in are like, Oh yeah, I’m on Lactobacillus. No, but I said, grab gnosis Lactobacillus rampe gnosis is is very helpful for for diarrhea after antibiotics, so that’s very helpful. But it has some other benefits and it’s generally it’s sometimes not in. If you’re on a probiotic and it’s a lot of times not in there, you’d be surprised. So you need to just check the label if you have a probiotic that you really like. I use it in my IBS support. I’ll put a link below, and that’s what I use after someone has been on antibiotic therapy. So many people struggle with bloating, bowel issues, brain fog, fatigue. You might not even have any gut issues, but did you know the cause of it could be food sensitivities or gut infections? What I have done is I have brought a talented functional nutritionist into my practice. We have very similar training in the nutritional world, and her name is Alexis Appleby. She is awesome. So you can head on over to our website. &Lt. Alti Fam Fam Med Med and have a consultation with her and schedule so that she can help you get to the root cause of your problems. So a couple benefits of this are that it actually will help IBS symptoms. It will help protect you from getting cavities. I mean, what a bonus. That’s an amazing side effect. It can help you lose weight, which is also great, and it can help to create other species of probiotics to help your gut recover from the antibiotic therapy. It also increases something called short chain fatty acids, which are really important for our microbiome. So Lactobacillus R&M gnosis is very important. The next one that I also recommend is our yeast support, which is it has Saccharomyces boulardii in it when somebody has been on antibiotic therapy. This is incredible for mitigating diarrhea and antibiotic usage. The other, a couple of other things that it’s wonderful for is Saccharomyces boulardii helps to protect against yeast or Candida overgrowth. We’ve all heard, Oh my goodness, I’ve had this Candida infection. You might have tried herbs to get rid of it. Maybe it persists on a good adjunct to that would be adding Saccharomyces boulardii into your routine to help to rebuild the gut. It also has another interesting use, and that is to help with C. diff infection. So it happens in the hospitals. That’s commonly when you hear about a C. diff infection. It’s an opportunistic bacteria, but it can happen in the normal population. We have a podcast interview where we talk all about see death. But with long term antibiotic usage or antibiotics that you can develop C. diff. So it is a concern and you certainly don’t want this major pathogen in your body, you want that out. And so Saccharomyces boulardii protects against that. It also has some other uses in inflammatory bowel. It’s also very helpful for conditions like ulcerative colitis as well as Crohn’s disease. So I will put the link to those supplements below the probiotics below that will help your help your gut heal. But those are the species that tend to really help heal up the gut after antibiotic usage. Thank you so much for joining us here today. We’re always so grateful, and please let us know what you want to hear more of or any cues that we can answer. Take care until next time. Bye.

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