Special Guest – Laurie Holland, LPC & Integrative Healer


“Nurture Your Physical & Emotional Health”

Laurie Holland is one of the most qualified professionals who’s ready to provide the best up-to-date holistic treatments available.

She specializes in REDUCING STRESS FAST!

She is licensed, trained, and certified in a wide range of mind-body techniques.  She uses a holistic and integrative approach. Laurie has over 15 years experience working with children and adolescents in a school setting.  She has over 6 years experience in private practice with mostly adults.  Additionally, she has worked with teenagers in a group home setting for a couple years.

Laurie has volunteered with vulnerable children in Kenya and Zambia, Africa a total of four times where she taught workshops to children that addressed trauma and grief.  (Visit www.lauriekholland.com for more information)

She has conducted over 7,000 treatment sessions to clients worldwide.  Her clients describe her as someone who makes them feel safe.  She is gentle, caring, compassionate, intuitive, and creative.

In Laurie’s spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, yoga, and traveling.



Laurie Holland

Healthy Hollistics

Did you know that emotions are physiological?

Sometimes unwanted emotions become stuck in the body and can show up in our lives as unwanted behaviors such as: – overeating – overreacting (getting “triggered”) – putting others before yourself – treating yourself or others poorly – getting in your own way – holding a grudge – failure to reach your goals

Healthy Holistics provides solutions to these physical, mental, and emotional components using fast, effective, and transformative techniques.

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