Special Guest – Jen Kates


“I’ve Been Where You Are And Know How Frustrating It Is To Have So Little Energy”

Jen Kates is the owner of Shift Human Performance, an online health and fitness coaching business that focuses on turning busy professionals into badasses without spending endless hours in the kitchen or gym. Jen worked in a corporate setting as a researcher in the biotech industry for over 12 years, traveling across the country every week for her work. So, she not only knows what it’s like to work with the demands of a corporate setting, but she also knows how to manage health and fitness on the road. In order to help her clients see the greatest progress and success, Jen utilizes mindfulness, breath work, and various stress management techniques, while also focusing on small ways to simplify nutrition and fitness to make it fit a busy schedule. These methods may be small at first, but they add up to huge results. You can learn more and apply to work with Jen at www.shifthumanperformance.com or find her on Instagram at shifthumanperformance.



Jen Kates

Shift Human Performance

I’m different than most nutrition and fitness coaches because I work to help you make nutrition and fitness a lifestyle, not a quick-fix, even for busy people — like you — who feel like they don’t have the time or energy to focus on themselves. In fact, I’m much like you – let me explain: Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was in a VERY different career. I traveled almost every week for work. I made a lot of money, but the “cost” on a human level was very high.

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