Special Guest – Dr. Shelly Sethi


“Your gut doesn’t need to control your life.”

Dr. Shelly Sethi is a board certified family physician with an emphasis on integrative and functional medicine. I believe that health is a journey and manifests through a balance of nutrition, environment, community, spirituality and physical movement. As a result of my own educational and life journey, I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the best of integrative medicine; and to design a program of healing and wellness that will be just right for you. My own journey began at a young age with meditation, when I experienced the profound effect it had on my mindset and outlook. In college, I read Dr. Andrew Weil’s books relating nutrition and stress to health and disease. When my father was quite suddenly in dire need of cardiac bypass surgery, I began to wonder about how his situation could have been prevented. I enrolled in osteopathic medical school, because one of the main tenets of osteopathy is that the body has the capacity to heal itself.

I practiced in conventional family medicine for over 15 years, but felt frustrated by the lack of time to talk to my patients about the things that really matter and to provide them with the tools they need to make real and sustainable changes in their health. I decided that I wanted to practice a new kind of medicine. Today, I and my team, including a health coach and culinary instructor, are here to guide and support you in achieving a balanced, healthy life. I am so grateful to be able to offer you the experience of personalized medicine, and to invite you to join our community.

Osteopathic Medical Degree, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Integrative Medical Degree, University of Arizona (with Dr. Andrew Weil)

Certifications & Continuing Education

American Board of Physician Specialties, board certified in Integrative Medicine

Institute of Functional Medicine

Botanical and Herbal Medicine Studies (with Dr. Tierona Low Dog)





Dr. Shelly Sethi

Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician

“Helping The Whole Family Get Healthy”

I take the time to hear your story, and to learn about everything impacting your health — your diet, your environment, your genetics and other lab results, what stresses you and what makes you happy — before making recommendations.

These may include the use of botanicals, supplements or prescription medications, along with foods, lifestyle apps and mind-body skills.

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Dr. Barter chats with Dr. Shelly Sethi, DO about harnessing the healing powers of meditation and breath work to aid in optimizing overall wellness and healing chronic conditions.

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