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“Are you going to be able to afford the next medical emergency?”

Born into a 2nd generation military family, Dr. Reagan B. Anderson learned early that service to others, God and country is a privilege and that being informed, thinking for oneself, holding others to account, and then taking action are the inherent responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy. These foundational thoughts lead to becoming the USMC First Reconnaissance Battalion which resulted in two combat tours to Fallujah, Iraq, and then to opening his own medical clinic in the USA – each a step towards illuminating the pros and cons of the American medical system and advocating for improved medical care for all Americans.



Dr. Reagan Anderson, DO

Universal Death Care Book

Combining gripping and unblinking vignettes of combat and combat medicine in Fallujah, Iraq, with equally gripping examples of the state of healthcare in America, Dr. Anderson presents his prescription and a “call to action” to cure what ails our current healthcare system.

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With Dr. Ann Barter
“Ep. 38 – “Universal Death Care: A Solution For Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement”

Former USMC First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon and now currently a dermatologist in practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado, specializing in treating skin cancer, Dr. Reagan B. Anderson is no stranger to tough healthcare situations. With his experience in a multitude of healthcare settings he’s seen a thing or two and has a lot of thoughts on how Americans can improve, and advocate for, their health.

Dr. Barter and Dr. Anderson discuss his book, “Universal Death Care: A Solution For Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement” which broaches tackling healthcare reform and creating a sustainable healthcare system with a more educated and motivated patient populations.

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