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“Discover the path to overcoming your health challenges.”

Dr. Heather is one of the most successful Functional Medicine practitioners and entrepreneurs in history.  Her passion, entrepreneurial acumen, and good ole fashion southern work ethic allowed her to build the largest single office cash practice in the history of Functional Medicine.

More importantly, her business success allowed her to be able to help tens of thousands of chronically ill patients return to health and escape a broken and destructive healthcare system.

Dr. Stone is a steadfast supporter of functional medicine and getting to the root cause of disease. She is a fierce advocate for healthcare freedom and works tirelessly to overcome the dysfunction in mainstream healthcare.

She has also been a healthcare warrior at the regulatory, legislative and legal level.

Through coaching and mentoring other FM providers, her expertise and wisdom has also been used to train hundreds of FM practitioners in what she calls The FM Success Formula. Dr. Stone believes that Functional Medicine should be Fun, Successful and most of all – Impactful.

When she is not working she is reading, meditating, cooking going to great restaurants, and travelling the world. She is a mother
to two boys Cam and Cannon, as well as two dogs, Emma and Bella. She has an infectious and effervescent personality that is
often expressed in non-stop giggling, especially with her patients.



Dr. Heather Stone

Integrated Health Center of the Rockies

Estimates and research suggests it can take up to 20 years for new science and treatments to reach your doctor’s office. Do you have that much time? Why wait when cutting edge treatments and research is at your fingertips?

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On Fearless Health Podcast

With Dr. Ann Barter
“Ep. 56 – Reversing Type II Diabetes Without Pharmaceuticals”

Dr. Barter and Dr. Heather Stone take a stark look at the current traditional treatments for Type II Diabetes and other metabolic conditions. Then they
turn them on their heads.

– Learn why current medical models only treat the symptoms associated with diabetes, not the root cause(s), and why reversal is rare
– Learn why a cocktail of Metformin, blood pressure drugs and statins are not only dangerous, but unnecessary.
– Learn what a pharmaceutical free treatment plan entails and why they are so effective.

Dr. Stone also explains why it’s so important to take an early diabetes diagnosis seriously to avoid major complications further down the road. She
also gives listeners some great tips on why so many dietary plans fail and what to do instead.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone in a pre-diabetic state, anyone suffering insulin resistance (or the inability to lose weight, despite trying), or wondering why the old “calories-in versus calories-expended” routine is not helping them acheive the blood sugar numbers they had hoped.

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