Special Guest – Dr. Brandon Creuder, DC


“The business side of functional medicine doesn’t have to be a grind.”

Dr. Creuder is one of the most successful Functional Medicine practitioners in history.  His passion, entrepreneurial acumen, and good ole fashion work ethic allowed him to build the largest single office cash practice in the history of Functional Medicine. More importantly, his business success allowed him to be able to help tens of thousands of chronically ill patients return to health and escape a broken and destructive healthcare system. Dr. Creuder is a steadfast proponent of functional medicine and getting to the root cause of disease. He is a fierce advocate for healthcare freedom and works tirelessly to overcome the dysfunction in mainstream healthcare.

He has also been a healthcare warrior at the regulatory, legislative and legal level. Through coaching and mentoring other FM providers, his expertise and wisdom has also been used to train hundreds of FM practitioners in what he calls The FM Success Formula. Dr. Creuder believes that Functional Medicine should be Fun, Successful and most of all – Impactful. His Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to Change The Face of Healthcare. When he is not working he’s spending time with his wife and business partner, Dr. Heather Stone, and coaching hs sons in baseball as they persue their dreams.



Dr. Brandon Creuder, DC

The FM Shift

We’ve all been to those events where the speakers are vanilla, khaki, booorrrring, or hit you with a sales pitch from the moment they start talking. Not here. All of our sessions will be presented by speakers at the top of their field who are obsessed with serving their audiences – hint: that’s you. We attracted the best of the best speakers who are experts in the Functional Medicine space or at the top of their sales game.

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