Special Guest – Cheryl Furer, CPM, RM, CHom


“Home is where family is born.”

Cheryl Furer is a Midwife, Integrative Health Practitioner, and Educator.  For over 20 years, she has studied nutrition, herbs, supplements, coaching and wellness.  As a midwife, she cares for pregnant women in the childbearing year, runs an online pregnancy coaching practice, and is the Director of Student Services and Adjunct Faculty at the Midwives College of Utah.  Through her practice, and with coaching, she empowers pregnant women who want more than just the generic maternity information. They want an expert who has the education and skill to understand what’s happening with their bodies and the ability to give them personalized education.

As the owner of Experience Midwifery, online midwifery coaching, Cheryl serves as an emotional compass, supporting and mentoring professional women navigating their transition into motherhood.  She is dedicated to providing expectant mothers with the knowledge, care and power to create safe, healthy and memorable prenatal and postpartum experiences.  She can be reached at https://experiencemidwifery.net/ or support@experiencemidwifery.net.



Cheryl Furer, CPM, RM, CHom

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Do you know that you have options for your care provider during pregnancy? Midwives are the gold standard around the world, yet in the U.S., midwives only attend about 10% of all births. Have you asked your provider what their cesarean rate is? How often do they use IV Pitocin or other interventions in their care?

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Ep. 49 – “Experience Midwifery”

If you are pregnant and undecided, or planning a pregnancy and wondering whether a midwife is the right choice for your birthing experience, this episode is for you! Dr. Barter talks with midwife, and founder of Experience Midwifery, Cheryl Furer, about the type of care you can expect during a homebirth, or a hospital birth with a midwife, doula or birth coach. They discuss the benefits of working with a midwife during the pregnancy, birth and post-partum, such as a more personalized, private setting, drug-free birth, and a more relaxed, self-guided experience overall.

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