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Shoot for the moon and you will land among the stars.

What comes to mind when you hear the words, ‘chiropractic medicine’?

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts, we are joined by Chiropractor, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic, who was very skeptical about her now profession until she experienced the treatment first hand. It was like magic to her; she felt new and light…like a better version of herself!

So, she immersed herself in school at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, learning not only the art and science of chiropractic modalities but also functional blood chemistry analysis, nutrition, applied kinesiology, and natural remedies.

She now specializes in difficult functional medicine cases, helping people with issues concerning their thyroid, blood sugar, gut health, and hormone dysfunction as well as other metabolic conditions.

Tune in as Dr. Robin and Dr. Barter discuss:

  • Her various health problems from acne and bloating to her feet and neck and how a first-time visit to a chiropractor changed her life completely.
  • Why physical pain can sometimes be connected to other parts of the body such as our gut health.
  • How you can look at your standard blood work in a new light through functional medicine.
  • Why babies and young children can benefit from chiropractic care too.
  • The gut-brain connection and why some people may be feeling depressed or hopeless if it’s off.

Discover why Dr. Barter suggests that all of the patients she sees:

  1. Take part in a short-term elimination diet.
  2. Review how much exercise they’re doing and whether or not it’s too much or too little.
  3. End their use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Listen and discover how chiropractic medicine is a whole-body approach to the Four Quadrants of Wellbeing.

I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday–  Eleanor Roosevelt

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