Not Another Wellness Podcast: #50 Functional Medicine & Toxicity

#50 Functional Medicine & Environmental Toxicity | Dr. Ann-Marie Barter


Dr. Ann-Marie Barter, Chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner




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Interview notes:


Dr. Ann-Marie Barter: life in Chiropractic school, studying nutrition, and functional medicine to forming of the Alternative Family Medicine Chiropractic in Denver and Longmont, CO

Environmental toxicity and the issues they cause: Mold, Benzene, Petroleum by-products, heavy metals, etc.

Side effects of environmental exposure

Mold Symptoms*** (these are scary)

Dr. Ann-Marie’s health history and mold exposure

How to test for mold exposure and how it shows up in the body

How to test for mold in your home/office/car etc.

Hormones and stress

Women and PMS

What is PCOS?

Birth control, is it safe?

What about IUDs? Is the non-hormonal copper IUD safer? Dr. Ann-Marie shares her knowledge on birth control options



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