Natural Cellulite Remedies, Muscle Imbalances and Holistic Approach…

Natural cellulite remedies on your mind? In this episode, Courtney chats with chiropractor superstar Dr. Ann Barter about muscle imbalances, holistic approaches to hormones and the cellulite debate! Throw away the creams that don’t work and get blown away by the remedies Dr. Ann Barter found like cupping and Graston as she was searching for natural remedies for her own health. Her passion for these remedies will open your eyes to new ways to treat your own micro-traumas and imbalances in your own body.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How going through puberty changed the way she looked at her health for the rest of her life
  • Why learning about the entire body from a holistic standpoint changed Dr. Ann Barter’s life
  • Why your body sends you signs and how to start taking action with the signs your body gives you
  • How insurance companies are pushing the way doctors treat their patients
  • Why inflammation is a big deal and what you can start to do about it
  • Why women get cellulite in certain areas and why
  • How techniques like cupping and Graston can help with cellulite and muscle dominance

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