Special Guest – Lesley Glenner, MA


“Empathetic, loving and dynamic.

Empathetic, loving and dynamic. Those are a few words I’d use to describe myself and the approach I take as a psychotherapist, business coach and the owner of HoloBeing; an incubator of holistic practitioners based in Boulder, Colorado. HoloBeing is the container in which I implement my life’s work. There, I assist healer-types to create thriving private practices through professional development and community practices .Informed by my own healed – and healing– wounds, I am committed to helping fellow travelers cultivate well-being through realizing personal truth. Dismissing trendy “deliverables” and forced behavioral change, I focus on increasing awareness and discernment- inviting you into the nuances and totality of your human experience. Almost daily, I bear witness to foundational breakthroughs with our clients and community members.As a psychotherapist I specialize in Individual and Couples Counseling. As a business coach I work with clients on Professional Shadow, Workplace Attachment, Business Battle Wounds + Money Therapy. I am fortunate not only to do what I love, but also do what I live.



Lesley Glenner

Holo Being

More than a wellness center – HoloBeing is a living, breathing community and place of healing for clients and practitioners alike. We connect the most dedicated, holistic wellness practitioners in the Boulder area with clients who are committed to their own healing and self discovery. From massage to coaching, our practitioners believe in the power of integral awareness…that true wellness is rooted in the Mind, Body, and Spirit. This belief is apparent in everything we do, including our name: “Holo” comes from the greek word “holos” – meaning whole.  We navigate the subtle and profound connections to care for ALL of you. Whole-some wellness. It works wonders.

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