FHP – Ep. 58 – Mercury Detoxification feat. Dr. Chris Shade, PhD

FHP - Ep. 58 - Mercury Detoxification feat. Dr. Chris Shade, PhD

Dr. Barter talks with the founder of the Digestive Health Institute, Norm Robillard, PhD, about some of the more commonly unheard of causes of digestive upset and distress. They’ll cover the effects of histamines (they’re not just instigators of seasonal nasal allergies – they can adversely effect the gut, too!), the impact of excess intestinal fermentation as the underlying cause of acid reflux, and the connection between intragastric pressure from gas-producing bacteria in our intestines, nutritional malabsorption and the symptoms of acid reflux.

Dr. Barter talks with Dr. Chris Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific about mercury toxicity and how to properly detoxify from various mercury exposures (dental amalgams versus the other more indirect ways mercury can creep in).

Dr. Shade specializes in the biological, environmental, and analytical chemistry of mercury in all its forms and their interactions with sulfur compounds, particularly glutathione and its enzyme system.

He has patented a mercury speciation diagnostic process to analyze human toxicity, founded the only clinical lab in the world offering mercury speciation analysis, and has designed cutting edge systems of nutraceuticals for detoxification and antioxidant protection, including advanced phospholipid delivery systems for both water- and fat-soluble compounds. His Quicksilver Delivery Systems® nanoparticle technology increases the bioavailability of supplements and protocols leading to higher efficacy products.

Dr. Shade is regularly sought out to speak as an educator on the topics of mercury, environmental toxicities, neuroinflammation, immune dysregulation, and the human detoxification system in the United States and internationally. He has helped corporate executives, professional athletes, celebrities, children with autism, patients with chronic immune disorders and more. He strives to evolve the way the medical industry delivers care, and he is perpetually broadening the way the world

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