FHP Ep. 53-Natural Approaches to Autoimmune Reversal w/ Jenn Malecha

Surviving her own health journey in her 20’s, Jenn Malecha thought she was through the worst of things when in her 30’s, she discovered she wasn’t. She then made it her life mission to not only get herself where she wanted and needed to be, but started helping others just like her.

Dr. Barter and Jenn discuss the many triggers and natural treatments of auto-immunity. Learn the correct order protocols should be recommended (and followed) in. And WHY! Learn tips to help aid in relaxation to support proper digestion and calming the “fight-or-flight” sensation that aids in the ratcheting up of inflammation causing stress.

They also cover which basic functional diagnostics should be run to get the BIGGER picture of what is causing autoimmunity. Finally, Jenn shares some of her favorite “quick fixes” she shares with her clients embarking on reversing their auto-immune conditions using a natural holistic approach.

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