FHP – Ep. 52 – The Myers Protocol for Heavy Metals Detox feat. Wendy Myers

FHP - Ep. 48 - The Kaufman Protocol feat. Dr. Sandy Kaufman, MD

Dr. Barter talks to Dr. Wendy Myers, MD, about her heavy metals detox, The Myers Protocol. People are barraged with tens of thousands of environmental toxins, among them heavy metals, every week. Our bodies should be able to keep us safe from their harmful effects, but in today’s modern society, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many people cannot naturally detoxify themselves of these toxins and the toll it takes on their health may include weight gain, or the inability to lose weight as desired, brain fog, and mood disturbances.

Dr. Myers describes what brought her attention to heavy metal toxicity and how she treats patients who have found themselves unable to achieve their health goals due to these toxins being stored in their fat and brain tissue. Dr. Myers shares her best detox “secrets” and reminds us that detoxifying isn’t a sprint, but rather a marathon.

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