Could Dental Infections & Root Canals Cause Gut Issues?

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Could Dental Infections & Root Canals Cause Gut Issues?

Most people don’t realize how much your oral health and hygiene can affect your overall health and well-being. A shocking number of chronic health issues, gut issues, and even cardiac issues can be traced back to some sort of imbalance, infection, or toxicity in your mouth. That’s where natural dentistry comes in; a facet of functional medicine specifically focused on holistic dental solutions.

In this episode, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter got to talk all things natural dentistry with alternative healthcare expert Dr. David Minkoff. Dr. Minkoff is a leading physician, best-selling author, athlete, and devoted family man on a mission to help people optimize their health and vitality so they can live a prosperous life. Dr. Minkoff has a diverse background as a Board Certified in Pediatrics, a Fellow in Infectious Disease, an ER physician, and as the co-director of a neonatal intensive care unit.

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0:00 Intro

02:19How Dr. Minkoff got into Natural Dentistry

06:30How toxic are mercury fillings?

11:52What is the difference between a cavity and cavitation?

20:07What is the relationship between root canals and increased heart attack risk?

29:19The gut issues Dr. Minkoff often sees with his clients

30:40Nutrient deficiencies and amino acid deficiencies


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Dr. Ann-Marie Barter is a Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Doctor at Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic. She is the clinic founder of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic that has two offices: one in Longmont and one in Denver. They treat an array of health conditions overlooked or under-treated by conventional medicine, called the “grey zone”.

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