How To Break Emotional Eating Habits with Tonya Fines

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How To Break Emotional Eating Habits with Tonya Fines

Do you ever notice that many times when we want to celebrate an achievement, or when we’re feeling sad, we turn to food? Popcorn, ice cream, cookies you name it! But why is there such an emotional association with food? In this episode, we examine how can you can break emotional eating habits and how to make small, sustainable changes to become more neutral with food! In this episode, I am joined by Tonya Fines. Tonya has worked in the Health, Fitness & Wellness industry for over 25 years. She holds a B.Sc. with Deans Honors in Physical Education & Biology from St. Francis Xavier University, a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian Institute of Alternative Medicine, received her Holistic Health Practitioner certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition & is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Tonya is also a member of the American Holistic Health Association as well as a certified practitioner with the American Council of Holistic Medicine. While her career started out very much in the realm of science, it became very clear to Tonya early on that real change & optimal health & wellness was much more sustainable & fulfilling when it is part of the bigger picture of total health & wellness that nurtures as well as heals our body, our mind & our spirit.

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0:00We celebrate the good and bad with food

2:12Why do people eat food that’s bad for them even when they don’t want to?

4:38Is our emotional response to food based on environment and experiences?

7:45What does it look like when you unwind a bad food habit?

13:09What happens when we restrict foods from our diet?

16:00Stress that comes from dieting

18:02How can we become more neutral with food?

20:06The role shame plays in how we eat

23:02Coaching through emotions

27:11Is there a lot of bad advice about dieting?

28:42Knowing your relationship with food

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Dr. Ann-Marie Barter is a Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Doctor at Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic. She is the clinic founder of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic that has two offices: one in Longmont and one in Denver. They treat an array of health conditions overlooked or under-treated by conventional medicine, called the “grey zone”.

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