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FHP – Ep. 66 – Genetics and Mental Health with Dr. J Dunn

How genetics play into our mental health. Why is dopamine so low in most people and ...

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in Fearless Health Podcast, Homepage

FHP – Ep. 63 – Perimenopause and Weight Loss feat. Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Today we are about to get an education on what changes in a woman's body in ...

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in Fearless Health Podcast, Homepage

FHP – Ep. 58 – Mercury Detoxification feat. Dr. Chris Shade, PhD

Dr. Barter talks with the founder of the Digestive Health Institute, Norm Robillard, PhD, about some ...

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What our patients are saying

How Dr. Barter helped my son

Listen to one of our patients, Brynn, who’s 10-year-old son had major food sensitivities and stomach issues for years. Dr. Barter suggested we get some fundamental testing done which revealed he had an H. pylori infection along with Leaky Gut.

Dr. Barter suggested some supplement regimen and six months later he is a brand new kid! He can now eat what he wants, his skin is back to normal, and, most importantly, he is happy!


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